About Us

our mission

We offer full-service, speed-to-retail/ speed-to-customer screen printing/embroidery. We are driven by quality, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service.

Our History

With over 20 years of experience, sole owner and founder, Miguel, took a small operation from his home garage, to a 5,000sqft warehouse in Southern California. Screen printing was not just a job for him, but a passion. Together with the rest of the staff, we continue to achieve the highest quality in every aspect of the business. 

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is the paramount purpose of all company activities. Meeting the needs and expectations of our internal as well as external customers is our primary task. Not only do we want to provide our current and future customers with excellent service, we want to help them with disintermediation. Cutting out the broker and going directly through us so that we can give you our 100% attention and care as well as save you money.